Islamic Society of Geelong

The Islamic Society of Geelong (ISG) is a representative organisation of Muslims living in the City of Greater Geelong, Victoria.

"Beginning in the name of Allah who is merciful and compassionate. Salawat on Holy Prophet (PBUH)."


COVID.19 Restrictions:

  • Stage 3  Geelong - CALD Stakeholder kits for regional, please click here
  • Stage 4 Melbourne - CALD Stakeholder kits for Melbourne, please click here

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please see the list of charity organisations here

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Geelong Mosque is closed until further notice. For any inquiries, please contact management on email:

Lebanon Tragedy:

of (ISG) expresses its deepest sympathies and condolences to the people of Lebanon following the deadly explosions in Beruit port. Inna lillahi waa inna illayhi rajion. May Allah (SWT) grant Jannah to all those who have died and shifa and speedy recovery to all those injured. We convey our condolences to our brothers and sisters in the Lebanese community in Australia, who might have lost loved ones and friends. Our prayers are with you during these sad times. May Allah (SWT) give you sabr. ISG urges our Muslim community to donate and reach out to brothers and sisters in Lebanon. 

ISG Online Programs:

  • You are cordially invited to attend weekly Online Live Friday Talk delivered by our Imam Shaykh Qazi Muhammad Saad at 01:30 pm. To join via Zoom, please click here.
  • Your children are encouraged to join online Sunday Classes. To join, please click the link here

Fatwa - Online Salah:

In regards to Eid, Friday and or any congregational Salah conducted online and or behind an Imam on radio, television or any other means of indirect communication are declared invalid by Australian Fatwa Council. For more information, please click here.

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