Ask The Imam

Shaykh Mohammad Ramzan (the Imam in Islamic Society of Geelong) will answer your questions.

  1. Shaykh Mohammad Ramzan completed graduation from Al Azhar university Cairo and also holder of triple  Master's degrees from different universities in various disciplines of Islamic studies.
  2. Shaykh's prolific command and understanding of different languages (Arabic, English, Urdu and Punjabi) allows him to communicate with people of different Ethnic / cultural backgrounds.
  3. Shaykh always supports and promotes peace and harmony in his preaching in the community and wishes the same for other peace loving communities.
  4. Shaykh conducts regular sessions of teaching Islam from Quran and Hadith (traditionally followed by the Poius) on every Friday evenings. It is attended by young and old, Men and Women and it also attracts people coming from far off suburbs.
  5. Shaykh always advises what our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) has advised that Everyone should seek Knowledge.
  6. Shaykh's vision of peaceful Islam and friendly relations with other communities for peaceful co-existence is now making people appreciate and understand the need of the hour.
  7. Shaykh's down to earth attitude and his valuable and selfless services are now being recognized and followed by others widely all over the region.
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